Friday, January 17, 2014

Commit/Push Driven Builds Between Atlassian Stash & Bamboo

By default build systems poll scm every so often; every 180 seconds is probably the most common setting. Very quickly though, between your different systems - your build systems (Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc), defect systems that keep an eye on commits like Jira, or code review tools like Fisheye/Crucible, you can be querying your git server several times a second, 24/7. 

To reduce that load and make things a bit more accurate (For instance, a best practice in continuous integration is to test every push individually; this helps pin down which push broke a build, decreased the code coverage, or increased the Coverity detected defect count. Polling every 3 minutes usually gets each push individually but not always, not even close.) git has had post-receive web hook scripting built in for some time. 
I use Stash as an enterprise git server, and digging into the raw folder structure of git (housed on the Stash server) is not a best practice. Not forbidden, just not recommended.  Luckfully, there is a post-receive webhook plugin for Stash.  

To enable commit-driven builds in Bamboo, it’s just two easy steps. 

Step #1) In Bamboo, switch your build trigger from “Repository Polling” to  “Repository triggers the build when changes are committed” (that rolls right off the tongue); you have to fill in the trigger IP address; leaving it blank disables repository triggering. Enter your Stash server's IP address here. The screenshot should explain the preceding text better than the text itself:

Step #2) In Stash, enable the post-receive webhook and give it the Bamboo url to call to trigger the build. Under the repo’s Settings, go to Hooks, Post-Receive WebHooks, and the url is:

Change the PROJECT to your project key, and PLAN to your plan key. You can get those values off the Bamboo page url you just left on the prior tab in your browser. See the picture below for a picture.

Caveat #1) If either the git server and Bamboo fail to communicate when the post-receive hook is called, Stash/git will not re-fire the hook until the next commit, so when using post-receive webhooks it’s considered a best practice to add a second build trigger to poll your git system every few hours for changes. That wasn’t in relation to Stash’s stability/availability, I think it’s just the general git ecosystem in general. So far I’ve never seen Bamboo<->Stash post-receive webhooks fail, but I don’t have a lot of datapoints yet. I am currently not adding a second build trigger (polling) as a backup until I start seeing data indicating relying on just webhooks isn’t robust enough. 
Caveat #2) Bamboo will compare the hash of the last scm pull to the notification hash, and if they aren’t different, it won’t trigger a build. So when setting this up and/or troubleshooting, your Bamboo build has to be on different commit than when the rest call is made or no build will occur (and no error will be posted). 

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